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Hot Squid at its origin
Hot Squid is originally from Taiwan (Taichung - Feng Jia Night Market). At present, there are 318 franchise stores in Taiwan. Due to actively promote by food festival and famous TV programs, lots of Malaysians are aware of this product. One of the popular itinerary visits to Taiwan is to visit Feng Jia Night Market and to taste the Hot Squid. In Taiwan, each shop daily sales maintain at 500 sets and during holiday the sales will increase to 1300 sets.
Hot Squid, which was established in Malaysia, is a local brand specialising in an array of Taiwanese food and beverage products. With a view to market expansion, we are actively seeking out interested parties to operate chain-stores under our trademark in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

The fresh squids are directly imported from Taiwan. Each squid is large with the length of approximately 16-20 cm. Currently, the price of hot squid are reasonable and affordable, and is very suitable to the Malaysian taste especially those hot squid how fancy seafood. Seafood is viewed as one of the high end food.
Marketing Strategy and its targeted market is one of the key successes of most of the business plan. Hot Squid has the experience in this area with the example of the success of the business in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and some of the Asian Countries. With the centralized market survey, Malaysia definitely will be one of the countries listed in the business success list in the near future.

Taiwanese food has received overwhelming positive response, as can be seen that Taiwanese food outlets increase gradually in Malaysia. Hot Squid, one of the famous food in Taiwan will be the “hot stuff” in Malaysia.
As some of the Malaysian view that seafood is more costly and consumed by well-off spender, we determine our selling price at a reasonable rate so that all Malaysians are able to try and buy it. We hope that our Hot Squid products become a popular brand and attract many consumers that causes long queue, ultimately twin win for both consumer and businesses.

Thus, our current marketing strategy will be focusing on the Shopping Complexes in various areas, which have the most crowds and especially the teenager category. The forecasting sales of each sales outlet after our market survey will definitely comparable to the market in Taiwan.

Hot Squid is definitely one of the profitable consumable businesses, with the existence of standardise business plan and structure, furthermore with the good and suitable business location.
In the future, Hot Squid outlets can cover most of the shopping complexes in future and probably the response similar to scenario in Taiwan.

Head Office Address: No.1616-5, Sec. 1, Huanzhong Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 407, Taiwan (R.O.C.) International Franchise Hotline: +886-929-224-543
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