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  What's is Hot Squid?
What's Hot Squid ?
What's Hot Squid ? Hot Squid is a giant squid (imported deep sea squid, weight about 200-300g each) stuffed with seafood rice and wrapped with a layer of exclusive formula flour then fried at 135 Celsius temperature oil. Every bite, you could have a mixed of fresh taste of the giant squid and delicious taste of the seafood rice at the same time. You can further add on some seaweed sauce, white sesame and fresh spices to create the best taste and outlook!

Hot Squid Preparation
• Cooking the seafood rice using fresh premium grade rice with plenty of seafood materials.
• Stuffed the raw giant squid with the seafood rice.
• Wrap the squid with a layer of exclusive formulated flour.
• Fry in 135 Celsius temperate for four minutes.
• Add with exclusive formulated source on top.
• Cut and ready to serve together with fresh salad.









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